Refund Policy

Last update: April 17, 2024

At BouquetsIPTV, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our refund policy ensures that our customers are fully satisfied with our services.

1. Free Trial and Refund Period:

We offer a 24-hour free trial period for customers to test our services. If a customer is not completely satisfied within 21 days of purchase, a full refund will be granted.

2. Service Malfunction:

In the event of prolonged service malfunction, we promptly provide replacement servers. If the issue persists beyond 48 hours, customers are entitled to a full refund, even if their subscription is nearing expiration.

3. Refund Process:

Refund requests must be submitted through our customer support. Refunds will be processed promptly, typically within 5 business days following approval of the request.

At BouquetsIPTV, we are committed to providing complete transparency to our customers and ensuring a hassle-free IPTV experience. These policies are designed to protect both our users’ privacy and their ongoing satisfaction with our IPTV services.